Aside from change, one thing that’s constant in life is death. Death comes to us all. And though the thought of death itself may be grim, take comfort in the thought that even in death, during your funeral, you can still take a stand and make a positive choice. As they say, the only way to live forever is to be remembered.

This is where TenderRest comes in. Launched in 2007, TenderRest is owned and managed by Tamara Linnhoff and partner, Andrew Hubbard. They design and make affordable, customisable coffins with a focus on environment. TenderRest is one of the leading suppliers of environmentally sustainable caskets to the funeral industry in New Zealand. These coffins make it possible for family and friends to bade farewell to their loved ones in an environmentally friendly way, and being able to do it in style.


TenderRest caskets are handcrafted and are made from natural materials – New Zealand pine, laminated bamboo (which are said to be a lot stronger than oak), recycled paperboard, wool, natural oils, and non-toxic glues. It’s also made with rounded lids with sides that aren’t that high, making it seem like the person is just lying down naturally. These caskets are also reliable and strong, having been solidly-engineered.

What Makes it Unique

Aside from TenderRest caskets being made from sustainable products, another thing that makes it unique is that relatives can actually decorate these caskets with colours, photographs, and even hand-written messages. It’s like having a casket with the user’s character and personality. Another interesting feature is that unlike common veneer caskets that release high levels of dioxins when cremated, TenderRest caskets do not emit any toxic chemicals during cremation. It is indeed a cleaner and greener alternative for final goodbyes.


TenderRest makes eco-funerals highly possible, minimising the environmental impact and carbon footprint all throughout the funeral process.  It is truly one of the few suppliers changing the funeral process into something more eco-friendly and something more personal.